Startech 7.1 USB Audio External Sound Card with SPDIF ICUSBAUDIO7D

45.00 $
Fabricant : Startech
UPC : 065030835466
Poids de livraison : 1 lbs.

7.1 USB Audio Adapter External Sound Card with SPDIF Digital Audio ICUSBAUDIO7D


This versatile External USB Sound Card/Audio Adapter offers a high quality solution for upgrading desktop or laptop sound.

Providing a robust USB audio experience, the USB sound card connects to a host computer through a single USB 2.0 connection, to deliver impressive external audio capability that can instantly be swapped between systems, without having to open the computer case for installation.

Supporting analog and digital audio for 2 to 7.1 channel audio applications, the external USB sound card provides a cost-saving upgrade from built-in/on-board sound that turns desktop/laptop sound into a home theater-ready audio solution.

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