Asus Notebook Matte Backpack 16inch Light Brown Retail

39.99 $
Manufacturer : Asus
Model : 90-XB2700BP00010-
UPC : 884840030379
Shipping weight : 17 lbs.

Fits Up to 16" Laptops

Roomy accommodations for a variety of netbooks and compact laptops stays in touch with the realities of your life.


Venture out to the wide world with the comfort of a perfectly balanced backpack. The padded interior protects your notebook of up to 16”, and keeps other valuables safe and organized so you can go worry-free. The Nyflex-lined cradle even prevents scratches and other types of damage, while the large dual-opening front compartment gives you easy access. Enjoy the stylish two-tone design, with soft carry handles that go easy on your hands so you can go your own way.