IOGEAR Charge & Sync Flip Pro - USB-C to Reversible USB-A Cable G2LU3CAM01WT

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Manufacturer : Iogear
Model : G2LU3CAM01WT
UPC : 881317513571
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IOGEAR Charge & Sync Flip Pro - USB-C to Reversible USB-A Cable
USB for MacBook, Chromebook, Tablet, Notebook - 1.25 GB/s - 3.3 ft - 1 Pack - 1 x Type C Male USB - 1 x Type A Male USB


USB Type-C has the capability of integrating charge, sync, video and USB functions into a single port, but with all change, comes a period of transition. IOGEAR's Charge & Sync Flip™ Pro, USB-C to Reversible USB-A Cable, makes this transition easier by allowing you to connect all your USB-C devices such as the new MacBook® and Chromebook™ Pixel to standard USB-A devices.

The New Universal Standard
USB Type-C™ is the latest universal standard in connectivity. If you've purchased the 2015 Apple MacBook or 2015 Chromebook Pixel [2], then you know that both feature USB-C technology. Compared to earlier generations of USB connectors, USB-C has a slim profile connector to support ultra-thin laptops and tablets. Although USB-C has a low-profile design, it packs a big punch when it comes to speed and power, boasting data transmission speeds of up to 10Gbps and power transmission of up to 100W. And best of all, it's reversible to allow hassle-free connecting. The new standard fixes the age-old problem of connecting your USB in the wrong way, eliminating the frustration of fumbling with the USB plug when connecting it to a computer.