Crucial 4GB DDR4-2400 DDR4 PC4-19200 - 1.20 V 288-pin - DIMM Ram Memory CT4G4DFS824A

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Manufacturer : Crucial
Model : CT4G4DFS824A
UPC : 649528769817
Shipping weight : 1 lbs.

Crucial 4GB DDR4 SDRAM  - 2400 MHz DDR4-2400/PC4-19200 - 1.20 V - Non-ECC - Unbuffered - 288-pin - DIMM


In the ever-changing world of technology, any component more than half a decade old is usually in need of an update. At seven years old and counting, that’s exactly the state DDR3 memory is in: computers can only do so much with it.

Since the introduction of DDR3 memory technology in 2007, processors have doubled in capability, SSDs have revolutionized throughput, and graphics cards have drastically increased frame rates, leaving memory as a limiting factor. With Crucial DDR4 Desktop Memory, crush the DDR3 memory bottleneck and unlock a new standard of performance.

Memory categoryDesktop
Memory typeDDR4
Memory speed2400MHZ
Memory size1X 4GB
Total memory4GB
Memory cas latencyCL17
Memory timing-