Rodisc 25GB Blu-Ray 6X 25 Pack White Hub Inkjet BD-R Bluray

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Manufacturer : Rodisc
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Rodisc BD-R25GB/135MIN 6X WHITE HUB INKJET PRINTABLE, No Stacking Ring Surface 25pcs Cake Box


Blu-ray is the most advanced high capacity optical disc format ever. Thanks to the major advances in BD laser technology, you can store up to 25GB on a single disc. That's five times more than existing (single layer) DVDs.The BD-R markets are growing, and Rodisc is playing a leading role in meeting end-users' requirements by being among the first to introduce innovative developments. Rodisc uses state-of-the-art deep UV mastering equipment to produce stampers used for injection molding of the BD discs. The result ensures excellent reproducibility and quality.