Ridata 50PK Blu-ray 10X 25GB White Hub Inkjet Printable Cake

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Manufacturer : RIDATA/RITEK
Model : BDR-254-RDIWNCB50U
UPC : 846122031443
Shipping weight : 4 lbs.

Ridata 10X 50PK Blu-ray 25GB White Hub Printable Cake


Ridata/Ritek Blu-ray discs have a cover layer of unrivalled toughness and uniformity, protecting the discs vital recording layers. The layer is applied using a Ridata/Ritek-developed vacuum-bonding technology, securing an unrivalled uniform thickness of 100µm. The disc can withstand heavy use, fingerprints, scratches and dirt without the need for a protective cartridge. Ridata/Ritek Blu-ray discs are far superior to standard CDs and DVDs.