GPC Micro computer repair shop Montreal

In store :

Rate per hour 65.00$

Diagnostic 65.00$

Virus, Malware and spyware removal 69.99$

Notebook Complete startup 69.99$

Windows Installation, Drivers and updates 89.99$

Data backup starting at 40,00$ (quote required)

Data Transfert starting at 80,00$ (quote required)

System rebuild starting at 95,00$ (quote required)

Data Recovery starting at 199,99$ (quote required)

Physical Cleaning (Dust) 20.00$

RMA service (Return to manufacturer) à partir de 30.00$ (évaluation requise)

Onsite :

On site Service home (+Trip fee) 79.99$ per hours

On site Service Bizness (+Trip fee) 79.99$ per hours

Trip Fee 25.00$

For all other services please come visit us in store for any specific request. Thank you !